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Kosher Veganism: Kosher Vegan Resources

Vegan Clothes!

Living fully vegan is more than possible in the 21st century. You can be stylish! We want to provide some resources so more people can consider next steps in moving away from animal products step-by-step.

Moo Shoes


Pangea - Alternatives for a kinder planet

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Alternative Outfitters - Vegan boutique

The Greener Good - it's all good

Veg News - Vegan 101: Fashion

The Streets I Know - Putting the compassion into fashion

Vegan Chic - Where fashion meets compassion

Nice Shoes - Vegan. Ethical. Fashionable.

Olsen Haus - Pure vegan - pioneering. eco. luxury. style. consciousness. freedom. 5D+

Beyond Skin

Stella McCartney

Videos of the Animal Abuse (Attention: some graphic footage here):


Animal Abuse - PSA School Project

Huffington Post - Cal-Cruz Hatcheries Abused, Tossed, Drowned Chickens, Says Lawsuit

If This Is Kosher...

A so-called "KOSHER" slaughterhouse. witness how the Kosher tradition is perverted for big profits!

Kill Counter


The Shamayim V'Aretz Institute, a community of Jewish vegans, is working to create a paradigm shift in how the Jewish community views veganism.
Shamayim V'Aretz programing includes animal welfare, environmental, and health veganism.
The Institute works specifically to promote veganism within the Jewish community.

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